Bloomfield Hills Professional House Cleaning

Clarkston Cleaning Services has been providing Bloomfield Hills professional house cleaning for more than 15 years. Clarkston Cleaning Services share many things in common with our clients. Like you, we have busy family schedules that revolve around kids, school, sports, and other activities. Work obligations that demand longer work hours and often weekends. Aging relatives who need a helping hand. And most of all, we understand how very important a clean house is to you and your family. Clarkston Cleaning Services is the perfect choice for busy families, professionals and people of all ages.

Clarkston Cleaning Services is a family-owned company in Oakland County that you can trust. Our maids offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, customized cleaning plans, security and a smile with every clean.

Benefits of using Bloomfield Hills professional house cleaning service

  • Customized cleaning plans.
  • We use teams of two or three professionally trained maids.
  • Our team leaders do a complete quality assurance when the house is completed to make sure all items are done to your satisfaction.
  • We track the cleaning process in your home with planned or spontaneous walk through.
  • We pay all employee payroll taxes and benefits.
  • We accept visa, MasterCard, discover, american express or check
  • Employees are paid by the hour not the house or percentage. Since our employees are not rushing thru your home we are able to give you more of a quality clean.
  • We supply enough cleaning cloths to make sure there is absolutely no cross contamination between houses or between rooms in your home.
  • We have been awarded ARCSI Residential Cleaning Seal of Excellence.

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