Quality House Cleaning Service

Clarkston Cleaning Services is proud to be part of the Clarkston area. As a locally owned and operated business, our maids know first-hand the challenges that our neighbors and friends face. Because of our local roots, each person at Clarkston Cleaning Services takes great pride in serving the same communities where we live and play. This is why our team works with each client to customize their service based on individual needs and budget. We can fit just about any budget and customize most cleanings. Leave out the guest bedroom or that rarely used hallway bathroom if you choose. We are the local cleaning service that is large enough to serve but small enough to care.

Our People Shine!

Our maids and office staff are hired after completing a thorough interview process. Each team member who steps foot in your home undergoes a thorough background check, receives extensive training, and works with more experienced professionals to clean your home efficiently and safely.  At Clarkston Cleaning Services we believe that communication is an essential part of a successful relationship. Your feedback helps us continually improve upon our standards and ensures that we’re providing expected levels of service. Our staff is dedicated to making an ‘Excellent’ experience every time! If you aren’t happy with any aspect, don’t hesitate to call us.

Benefits of using Clarkston professional house cleaning service

  • Customized cleaning plans.
  • We use teams of two or three professionally trained maids.
  • Our team leaders do a complete quality assurance when the house is completed to make sure all items are done to your satisfaction.
  • We track the cleaning process in your home with planned or spontaneous walk through.
  • We pay all employee payroll taxes and benefits.
  • We accept visa, MasterCard, discover, american express or check
  • Employees are paid by the hour not the house or percentage. Since our employees are not rushing thru your home we are able to give you more of a quality clean.
  • We supply enough cleaning cloths to make sure there is absolutely no cross contamination between houses or between rooms in your home.
  • We have been awarded ARCSI Residential Cleaning Seal of Excellence.

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