Franklin Professional House Cleaning Service

Enjoy your time and energy and leave the cleaning to Clarkston Cleaning Services. Our team of 2 or 3 maids will bring all their own cleaning supplies, chemicals and equipment to make your house shine. You can enjoy life again!

Here at Clarkston Cleaning Services, cleaning your home to a higher standard is our priority. Our maids work hard to provide you with the cleanest, freshest and healthiest home possible. Our well-trained, knowledgeable maids will be prepared to offer you and your family a deep clean every time.

So whether you’re still searching for a cleaning company or are convinced you’ve found the right one, try hiring Clarkston Cleaning Services, We’re sure you’ll love us.

Benefits of using Franklin professional house cleaning service

  • Customized cleaning plans.
  • We use teams of two or three professionally trained maids.
  • Our team leaders do a complete quality assurance when the house is completed to make sure all items are done to your satisfaction.
  • We track the cleaning process in your home with planned or spontaneous walk through.
  • We pay all employee payroll taxes and benefits.
  • We accept visa, MasterCard, discover, american express or check
  • Employees are paid by the hour not the house or percentage. Since our employees are not rushing thru your home we are able to give you more of a quality clean.
  • We supply enough cleaning cloths to make sure there is absolutely no cross contamination between houses or between rooms in your home.
  • We have been awarded ARCSI Residential Cleaning Seal of Excellence.

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